Church Supports Children at the Nest

The Mission and Outreach Committee from the First Presbyterian Church recently delivered many toys and afghans to the children who live at the Nest Domestic Violence Shelter.  The Committee also donated toiletries for the Mothers, as they have several times in the past.
Committee members Emma Lou Griffin and Ann Jordan said their church was seeking ideas of larger items the shelter was in need of, as their ongoing support of the Nest will include a fundraising campaign to purchase the items for the Nest.
According to Terry Thompson, Shelter Supervisor at the Nest, “We are blessed to have the support of the faith community.  Many of our churches in Lincoln County and Mescalero have adopted the Nest as a part of their local mission.  We are very grateful to them.”
The Nest provides free and confidential services to survivors of domestic violence and their children.  The 6500 square foot shelter has 28 beds and a wheelchair accessible suite.  For further information, call 378-6378.
Pictures left to right are Emma Lou Griffin and Ann Jordan from First Presbyterian Church.

HEAL & The Nest Domestic Violence Shelter | Toll-Free Hotline (866) 378-6378 | Free language services are available at HEAL & The Nest" in English, Spanish, Apache and Navajo. Los empleados de The Nest ofrecen asistencia en lenguaje gratuita. Taa'jike' nizaad The Nest nidáálnishigíí ye ninkaa' adolwoh be'haz'ah.