MESA Club Students Donate to Shelter Residents

The MESA Club of Ruidoso High School made its second annual donation of various household items for residents at the Nest Domestic Violence Shelter.
Teacher Advisor Kala Scarafiotti noted, “The students in the MESA Club have a special interest in the Nest.  This is the second year the students conducted fundraising to purchase the items needed by the women at the shelter.”
The MESA Club consists of over 5000 NM students in grades 6 to 12.  Their mission is to empower and motivate New Mexico’s culturally diverse students with science, technology, engineering, and math enrichment.
According to the New Mexico MESA website, MESA is a pre-college program that prepares students for college majors and careers in mathematics, engineering, science or technically related fields.  MESA students participate in a variety of enriched activities including field trips, speakers, workshops, regional and state-wide academic competitions, community service and leadership development projects.
The Student donations included kitchen towels, cleaning supplies, pots and pans, dishes, glasses, pillows and towels.
Pictured standing are Mariah Douds, Caroline Allen, Marcos Renteria, Daniel Marshall, Teacher Advisor Kala Scarafiotto, Matthew Davis.  Pictured sitting are Alexis McNulty, Kaylee Aguilar, Taylor Coldwell, Vivian Wilson-Kind, Juliann Lamb and Caitlin Tester.

HEAL & The Nest Domestic Violence Shelter | Toll-Free Hotline (866) 378-6378 | Free language services are available at HEAL & The Nest" in English, Spanish, Apache and Navajo. Los empleados de The Nest ofrecen asistencia en lenguaje gratuita. Taa'jike' nizaad The Nest nidáálnishigíí ye ninkaa' adolwoh be'haz'ah.