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Floored at The Nest

Jose Bonilla & Francisco Martinez

Think about flooring for a second. No, seriously. Think about it. Think about carpet and tile and hardwood floors.  Now think how a newly finished floor can make a house or office look terrific.The interior of the NEST looks even more terrific today thanks to some dedicated individuals who gave of their time and money…

Everybody Wins with this Court Decision

Katie Lund

While it may be popular not to trust the government, here’s a government policy most people can get behind. Katie Lund is the Judge for Lincoln County Division II Magistrate Court.  Each day, she has a full docket, many of which are misdemeanor traffic violations. If the defendants in the cases are willing to donate…

Team HEAL…Around the Roundhouse

HEAL in Santa Fe 2015

Team HEAL, consisting of the board of directors and staff at Help End Abuse for Life, is in full force again this year at the New Mexico Legislature.  While the ongoing battle against domestic violence continues on multiple levels, that battle is always ramped up come legislative time, when the state House and Senate convene…

Saving Money: Always a Good Cause


A penny saved is a penny earned. A cliché, maybe, but clichés always have a kernel of truth. That truth has been put into action at the Sweet Charity Resale Boutique in Ruidoso Downs, which is operated by Help End Abuse for Life (HEAL). The entire store was recently converted to energy-efficient lighting, thanks to…

HEAL & The Nest Domestic Violence Shelter | Toll-Free Hotline (866) 378-6378