Joe Gomez

Dear Editor,
Perhaps best known for his long association with Sierra Blanca Motors, Joe Gomez is much more than just a friendly smile and helpful salesman at a car dealership.
What many of you may not know is that, for over 4 years, Joe has been a passionate advocate for the women and children at The Nest Domestic Violence Shelter in Ruidoso Downs. 
As a Board Member of Help End Abuse for Life (HEAL), Joe has given up evenings and weekends to guide the operations of the Nest and keep the shelter flourishing through numerous fundraising events.  He served as Board President in 2010.  Throughout his time with us, his wife Mary has been a constant presence at committee meetings, HEAL family events and fundraisers.  They will forever be a part of our HEAL family.
Congratulations to Joe, who has now retired from both Sierra Blanca Motors and the HEAL Board.  He and Mary deserve the rest of retirement but I suspect they will not become inactive.  They will both keep working for the betterment of this community, friends and neighbors – and especially their forever HEAL family.
We will miss your daily strength, focus and determination to “always find a way” to serve the women and kids at the shelter, Joe.  You have left quite a legacy at the Nest.
Coleen Widell
Executive Director of HEAL

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