Seeking Fathers & Daughters for Awareness Poster

Help End Abuse for Life (HEAL) is seeking community models for its newest awareness poster called “Fathers Against Domestic Violence.”

The poster will showcase Fathers and their young children.

HEAL launched a Men Against Violence Against Women poster campaign during October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The campaign featured prominent males from Lincoln County and Mescalero Apache Tribe taking a stand against relationship violence. The idea for a “Father Against Domestic Violence” poster came from a local father, Todd Fuqua.

According to HEAL Vice President Danny Sisson, “When we see or hear a man being abusive and we remain silent about it, we are telling him his behavior is acceptable, that it is OK to disrespect or hurt his wife or girlfriend. It is time for men to be an ally to those who are working to end all forms of violence.”

Previously launched posters included two different groups of Local Men, Native Men, Hispanic Men, Pastors, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Teachers and Doctors. A new poster will be introduced every quarter. Examples of prior posters can be viewed on the HEAL website at

Models for the “Fathers Against Domestic Violence” poster are required to sign a Pledge of Nonviolence and have no arrests or convictions for crimes of violence.

For more information about the poster or to model, please call Coleen Widell at the Nest Domestic Violence Shelter at 378-6378 or email her at

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